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"The New All-too-True-Blue historical past of Oregon" is an inventive heritage of Oregon (or an "alternative" historical past, in the event you will).

Events which are lined contain, yet aren't constrained to:

TIME IMMEMORIAL – First Inhabitants
1543 — Juan Cabrillo
1592 — Juan de Fuca
1778 — James Cook
1805, 1806 — Lewis & Clark
1810 to 1812 — Astor Expedition
1830 -- Oregon path Opens
1846 -- Oregon Treaty
1847 -- Whitman Massacre
1848 — Territoryhood
1849 — Parkman's “The Oregon Trail”
1859 — Statehood
1862 – $5 a Head
1873 -- nice Portland Fire
1874 -- Oregon Caves Discovered
1877 -- leader Joseph and the Nez Perce
1880 – greatest Sea Cave Discovered
1881 – Tillamook Rock mild Activated
1905 -- biggest Log Cabin
1934 to 1937 and 1974 to 1981 — building of Bonneville Dam
1970 -- “Sometimes a superb idea” Movie
1971 — “The Oregon path” laptop Game
1975 -- “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” Movie
2004 -- Archdiocese of Portland announces Bankruptcy

Most of the occasions have explanatory photos that can assist you visualize the heritage lessons.

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