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PAGE the glorious ENGINE 1 LITTLE vegetation 6 the tale OF A FLY eleven SWAT THE FLY 18 the tale OF THE RAIN BARREL 19 MALARIA 24 JACK FROST 29 JACK FROST, A POEM 34 a narrative OF TUBERCULOSIS 35 it's time so you might cease forty-one a real tale forty two LITTLE home windows forty six MERRY SUNSHINE 50 an excellent movement fifty two generators fifty seven A kid's CALENDAR sixty one THE TOOTHBRUSH BRIGADE sixty two MR. FLY AND MRS. MOSQUITO sixty four A HYGIENE track 70 OUR LITTLE ENEMIES seventy one ONE LITTLE woman seventy seven CLOVIS, THE BOY KING seventy eight WHAT TEMPERANCE BRINGS eighty five THE WHITE send 86 A QUEER CASE ninety four BREATHE extra ninety seven THE LITTLE lady AND THE BUTTERFLY ninety seven LITTLE BAREFOOT 103 THE LITTLE FAIRIES 107 THE purple go SEAL 111 THE SAND mattress 119 the home THAT JACK outfitted one hundred twenty a brand new tale OF THE LION AND THE MOUSE 124 FIRST relief TO THE INJURED AND THE BOY SCOUTS 127 a call for participation 131 an outstanding struggle 132 THE 5 most sensible medical professionals one hundred thirty five thesaurus 136


A awesome ENGINE
We all have noticeable a steam engine, have we now not? There are engines that pull trains at the railroad, and there are engines that make factories, gins, and saw-mills paintings. Then there are engines that run nice ships at the water. what number understand what has to be performed to at least one of those engines earlier than it will possibly do all this paintings? "It should have coal, or wooden, or fuel positioned into it." that's right.
Now this coal or wooden or gas, whilst it truly is utilized in an engine to make it paintings, is named gasoline. could we positioned rotten or eco-friendly wooden into the engine? No. we should installed the type of factor that would burn most sensible, and take advantage of warmth and do the main work.
Let us see how this wooden or coal we name gasoline makes the engine paintings. First, we needs to burn the gas. moment, while the gas burns, it heats the water within the boiler. 3rd, the water adjustments into steam, and this steam offers the engine the ability to work.
Now we see how an engine is made to maneuver and do paintings, corresponding to hauling nice trains of vehicles, and pulling nice ships around the vast ocean. yet we needs to do not forget that the engine won't do that paintings until there's a guy near-by to place the gas into the engine.
I are looking to inform you of one other engine that's very similar to the steam engine. It too should have gasoline ahead of it could actually run or paintings. it's in contrast to the steam engine in up to it grows for all time, and it doesn't should have an additional guy to place the gasoline into it. you want to examine your physique as an engine and keep in mind that it wishes gasoline to run it. The gas that makes the body-engine flow and paintings is the meals you eat.
You have realized you have to placed into the steam engine the gasoline that might burn top and take advantage of warmth and paintings. an analogous factor is right of your body-engine. you need to installed the gasoline that might top make warmth and the facility to paintings. have you ever occasionally eaten whatever which made you in poor health? It should have been that that used to be the inaccurate type of gas for the little body-engine. because of this our moms are so very cautious in getting ready our meals. they wish the little engines to have the proper of gasoline in order that they won't run off the track.
Now what gas do you have to use on your body-engine? within the first position you need to installed gasoline that would make the engine develop in order that it might probably do loads of paintings. This gas you get if you consume lean meat, eggs, milk, and lots of different things.
If you will have your engine to maintain hot, you need to use gasoline that might make warmth. You get this gasoline through consuming lots of fat, corresponding to great butter and a few candy issues. Potatoes, rice and syrup aid to run your engine.
You desire a few gasoline that may make you plump and around and fit taking a look, so that you needs to placed into your engine culmination, nuts, a bit sweet, and many greens. you want to consume issues that experience colour, reminiscent of: tomatoes, lettuce, vegetables, and beets,--not simply because they give the impression of being lovely, yet simply because they've got iron in them and support to make your engine strong.
You needs to keep in mind that you consume foodstuff for 3 purposes: to make you develop, maintain hot, and ready to paintings. you need to be car

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