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Time to visit struggle. a military is assembled for the lengthy trip to leader Gaelich’s citadel. besides the fact that, the struggling with chief, Brevit, is injured at the manner, pain concussion. Lauren will get artistic, designing hoists for traversing the sheer drops into the vast Valley. Then arrival, and developing a siege after the citadel refuses to give up. bring to an end from water offers, skirmishes occur. ultimately, and with their remain time heavily extending, an assault is inevitable. The fortress finally falls, using leader Damarion of the Silures tribe, who have been crushed, downtrodden and robbed by way of Gaelich. Lauren’s chariots tear wildly into the fortress, the wheel blades tearing defenders aside. Gaelich and his lieutenants are captured. he's attempted, and gets simply punishment, administered through Brevit and her sister, the bold Addani, even though it is a messy enterprise. Gaelich’s moment in command, Falcon, is of the same opinion to assist them to capture looking bands of Babrani tribesmen, hired via Gaelich to carry slaves from villages to paintings and die in his citadel. Falcon is authorized to hitch them on parole. one other conflict is fought within the Southern wooded area to defeat the Tectoverea extended family, who're sporting an outbreak. throughout the go back, a strange accoutrement is located; a Centurion’s helmet. It proves to Lauren the Romans have landed, and a brand new period is dawning. in the course of a forage for meals in woods, Brevit saves Lauren’s lifestyles, yet bravely forfeits her personal. whilst Princess Alegia is captured one evening, they meet King Cunobelinus of the Catuvellauni. After threatening to kill him, the misconception is resolved and an alliance is shaped. again at their hill fortress, Fallow has a premonition, and an odd field seems to be the place the Mist that transported Lauren from glossy occasions, varieties. it really is packed with clinical provides, despatched by way of healthcare professional Stan Slater, met whereas Lauren had by accident moved ahead in time with Lalena. A dreadful super-wolf plague hits the rustic, their castle is ready to be beaten. Lauren asks Stan for aid, amazingly over a 2000-year time hole, that is given. Then, to everyone’s amazement, he and the archaeologist, Fran Bromyard, stroll out of the mist into their fortress. Fran is eager to discover extra, in order that they are integrated in a patrol is set to be shaped, Stan and Fran accompany them on a wild experience. Lauren invents rockets and paper. through the patrol, Wolfy, Lauren's consistent significant other who had followed her beside a mountain flow in publication II, reveals his mate. Wolfy and Lauren unfortunately say farewell, and separate. by chance, they discover a wounded Roman soldier, of the 9th Legion Hispanicus. input Vespasian.

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