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Stormr, an authorized, Federation murderer (a Hunter), arrives on Axtrol, the Planet of the Rim to terminate a recognized terrorist. There, he meets a long-time buddy, Rudi Theil, now a resident of Saelti, Axtrol’s urban of domes. He unearths Rudi in difficult instances and desperately attempting to fulfil a constitution to take Quiork Danalek, a prosperous Etrurian archaeologists and his ward Tara on an excursion to the planet Tnumacod, a rogue global within the Sartor sector of the Magellan megastar cluster.
Although shuttle to Magellan’s Sartor procedure is banned below Federation legislations, Stormr comes to a decision to aid his previous good friend and provides his companies and his send, permitting him to fulfil his contractual duties. The celebration, consisting of Danalek, his ward, Kryton a blue-skinned Unarisan, and Goran a tender pupil departs Axtrol for Sartor twenty-four hours later.
The morning after the get together arrives on Tnumacod, Tara Danalek disappears and whereas her mother or father and Kryton reluctantly proceed into the ruined urban of Astrakhan, Stormr followed by means of Rudi and Goran head into the city of Pretlaris.
There they're set upon via a road gang rationale on robbing them in their gold.
The 3 are ultimately rescued via Xarak and Xopomar, Yezidii warrior clergymen who tell Stormr that the lady he seeks is now with an ex-pirate known as Leiber Mors. They describe Mors as a tyrannical, psychotic, drug lord who owes his mammoth wealth to the drug Kaidish, derived from the Risset grass that's local to their world.
They additionally clarify that Mors, in collaboration with Rigellian rebels: Admiral Lamdar and ex-Councillor Amtar, plan to distribute monstrous amounts of Kaidish laced with a dangerous virus one of the Federation planets. Their target being to annihilate generations of the Federation’s more youthful population.
While this information is nerve-racking to either Stormr and Rudi, much more startling is the revelation that Stormr’s presence on Tnumacod has been engineered by means of Mors who, for purposes identified in simple terms to himself, intends to make sure the Federation Hunter meets with a sluggish and painful death.
While the inside track that somebody desires to kill him doesn't come as a shock to Stormr, he's mystified by way of the explanation why somebody he hasn't ever heard of; by no means met, probably want to see him useless. consequently, while Xarak informs him that Mors and his Rigellian allies have collected a fleet of ships at Tnumacod’s pole, and that the Yezidii plan to assault the enemy base, Stormr and Rudi choose to subscribe to them.
Meanwhile, Tara Danalek, who used to be purported to convey a mutagen to Mors, claims that she fled leaving the strong , chemical agent hidden on Stormr’s send. Mors threatens to have her completed if the hidden consignment isn't recovered inside of twenty-four hours.
Mors orders a look for Stormr’s send and the lacking consignment however the Huntress, which Stormr has relocated to a deep cavern isn't really to be came upon anywhere.
When he experiences the failure to discover the mutagen, Mors’ Rigellian allies, they berate him claiming that his obsession to spoil the Federation Hunter has clouded his judgement. Mors is infuriated and comes to a decision to do away with them on the earliest handy second. The Rigellians are of like minds they usually intend to kill Mors while he and his military of mercenaries are not any longer had to fulfil their aim galaxy-wide domination.
Imprisoned in Mors’ colossal mansion, Tara is befriended via Cylia who comes to a decision to assist the hapless woman. Their conspiracy is chanced on via Ockham, Mors’ leader Lieutenant, who provides them as prisoners to his leader who's on the Polar base.
Hours sooner than the invasion strength will get underway, Stormr, Rudi and the Yezidii release their assault at the base.
Realising his Grand Plan has been foiled, Mors seeks solace in looking for and killing the 2 Rigellians and whereas mayhem gathers momentum round him, he seeks out his higher enemy: Stormr the Hunter.
The meet in a horrendous stumble upon, and then Stormr faces Ockham in a disagreement which involves a startling, terrible conclusion.

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